For now, Broncos' depth chart at QB reads: Sanchez, Siemian and Lynch

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- In an offseason when Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak has taken great pains to try and get the team’s three quarterbacks an equal amount of work, including getting each some work in the starting offense, Kubiak has taken a more traditional route in the team’s minicamp this week.

Tuesday, the Broncos worked through the first day of their mandatory minicamp with Mark Sanchez at quarterback with the starters, Trevor Siemian with the second-team offense and rookie Paxton Lynch as the No. 3.

“We went 1, 2 and 3. Mark had really good day," Kubiak said. " Trying to settle down this week, work that way. I may change next week; I don’t know, but that was our priority this week was to kind of settle things down and work that way."

Kubiak said he plans to keep the division of labor that way during the team’s minicamp this week but might shake things up again next week for the team’s final set of OTAs as well as training camp.

“I’ll have a depth chart going into training camp, but that doesn’t mean we won’t operate totally evenly," Kubiak said. “But they will be listed somehow. ... But they’re all going to rep, they’re all very talented, they’re all going to rep and we’ll see who wins the job."

Asked whether he wanted to a set order, including a named starter, when the Broncos complete their offseason program next week, Kubiak added, “I’m not going there right now, I’m just trying to rep them all."

Still, Kubiak told the players in a morning meeting that it would be more of a set order this week. And unlike the team’s OTAs in previous weeks, when things were a little mix-and-match among many of the positions as the quarterbacks switched around, the Broncos kept the starters together Tuesday, with Sanchez behind center.

“I don’t know about all that. ... The most important thing is going out there and getting completions, knowing what to do with the football and making good decisions," Sanchez said. “I think I did that."

Throughout the offseason program, Sanchez has progressively looked more comfortable in the Broncos' offense, and Tuesday he was smooth and efficient, repeatedly finding Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas for completions in drills. Siemian, with the most experience in the Broncos' offense among the three quarterbacks, has powered his way into the starter conversation.

Siemian, too, looked efficient Tuesday, and while Lynch expressed some initial disappointment at being the No. 3, he said he is also more concerned with his quest to learn the playbook at the moment.

For his part, Siemian said his understanding is this week’s depth chart doesn’t mean Kubiak has made a decision and that until he hears otherwise, he believes he can win the job.

“I don’t read too much into that. It’s early -- they gave us a heads-up," Siemian said. “Kind of my thought process the whole time is take the reps you’re given, make the most of them and things will kind of work themselves out."

Sanchez, with 72 regular-season starts to go with six playoff starts, has a decided experience advantage on the other two quarterbacks. And the sense is it won’t be enough for either of the other two quarterbacks to be "even" with him and get the job.

He still projects to be the starter, unless his play drops off significantly in training camp and preseason games. And when asked Tuesday if he approaches it like it’s his job to lose, he made his feelings clear.

“Of course, I think you have to expect that, that’s the way you have to compete," Sanchez said. “There’s no second-guessing yourself when you get on the field, you’ve got to be the baddest dude out there and play your butt off."