Broncos get early look at 'Lone Survivor'

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- With a Sunday off on the near horizon, the Broncos were set to use some time after Tuesday’s practice and meetings to attend a screening of “Lone Survivor,’’ a Peter Berg film that recounts an ill-fated 2005 mission in Afghanistan by four members of Seal Team 10. Only one of the SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, survived.

The film is slated to be in theaters in early January.

“We’re going to watch a premier of ‘Lone Survivor,’ which is kind of a team building kind of a thing,’’ Broncos coach John Fox said. “ … I think Marcus Luttrell, the real lone survivor is going to be there, I think our guys are excited, I know I am.’’

Fox’s father, Ron, was a Navy SEAL.

“It was our idea, we had to contact people to set that up … our team is very excited about it,’’ Fox said.

Actor Taylor Kitsch, of “Friday Night Lights” who has one of the film’s major roles, attended Tuesday’s practice. Mark Wahlberg portrays Luttrell in the film.