Broncos Britton Colquitt on 'distraction'

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- As one of the wittiest players in the league, Denver Broncos punter Britton Colquitt often has a quality take on the football issues of the day.

With the Broncos set to face the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs Sunday in Denver and quarterback Peyton Manning's right ankle an issue that has the football nation all abuzz, Colquitt added a little levity to the festivities Wednesday.

With a straight face -- usually -- and the most professional of deliveries, Colquitt calmly told several media members Wednesday he had met with Manning “individually, a lot this week," to pick Manning’s brain on how Peyton had prepared for the matchup with his brother, Eli, in Week 2 this season.

Britton Colquitt’s brother, Dustin, is the Chiefs' punter. Britton Colquitt had been asked a question about Peyton Manning’s work ethic -- Colquitt's locker is next to Manning's -- and pounced on the opportunity for a little fun.

“And now that you mentioned Peyton -- I’ve met with him, individually, a lot this week just to go over the brother-to-brother thing coming up,’’ Colquitt said before a laugh finally escaped. “I wanted to talk to him about he handled dealing with Eli.’’

Asked what “advice’’ Manning had given him, Colquitt calmly added, “Just how to be a professional, we don’t want any media distractions like Peyton and Eli was. The Colquitt-Colquitt thing can become a big distraction in the locker and that’s something we don’t want to happen -- we met, we talked and he’s given me some good advice, I don’t think it’ll mess anything up with the game.’’

After people had then moved away, Colquitt added "you don’t think anybody really thinks I met with Peyton do you?"