For Broncos, getting selfish could be solution to snap skid

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Linebacker Von Miller believes if each of the Denver Broncos' players can “selfishly’’ find a reason to shake himself loose of the doldrums, the team could climb out of its current funk.

The Broncos (3-7) have lost six games in a row, their first six-game losing streak since 1990, and the team has not had a seven-game losing streak since before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The Broncos have lost seven consecutive games three times in franchise history -- they lost nine in a row in 1967, seven in a row in 1963 and seven in a row in 1961 -- and for a team that hasn’t had a losing record since 2010, it means every player in the locker room not named Demaryius Thomas has not been with the Broncos during a season like the current one.

Thomas is the only player on the current roster who was with the team in 2010 when the Broncos finished 4-12. Asked how he would characterize the current level of frustration in the locker room, Miller said that what he sees is a group that is pursuing a win as hard as it can.

“I wouldn’t call it frustration, we want to win,’’ Miller said. “Whenever you’re not winning, it’s tough. There is a little frustration there.’’

Then asked if simply a win this Sunday in Oakland would offer some relief down the stretch, Miller said it’s up to each of the Broncos to find something to fuel them.

“You’ve got to win, you’ve got to win,’’ Miller said. “That’s the only thing, you’ve got to go out there to win. You play for a lot of stuff. Just because you don’t win doesn’t mean you shut it down. Every individual is playing for something. If you go out there and play for that, if you go out there and selfishly, for whatever that is, you’re going to help the team out. … You’ve just got to go out there and win.’’

There has been plenty of discomfort to go around with the Broncos over the past 10 days. In that span, the Broncos have released three players, including cornerback Lorenzo Doss on Thanksgiving morning, seen president of football operations/general manager John Elway call the team “a little bit soft,’’ fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, and benched quarterback Brock Osweiler. Meanwhile, Thursday’s practice featured a couple of skirmishes between players that coach Vance Joseph called “heated.’’

Joseph said after Friday’s practice that he still sees players “competing and wanting to win.’’

Similar to Miller, who said he's still looking at the “same group of guys, same high-character guys that we’ve always had in the locker room.’’