Roby now only unsigned rookie for Broncos

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- As expected the Denver Broncos got two more signatures on the bottom line Tuesday and have now signed five of the team's six drafted players.

Tackle Michael Schofield, a third-round pick, and linebacker Lamin Barrow, a fifth-round pick, each signed a four-year contract Tuesday. That leaves cornerback Bradley Roby, the Broncos’ first-round pick last month, as the team’s only unsigned player.

The Broncos continue to trade proposals with Roby’s representatives, but as of Tuesday afternoon a deal did not look imminent.

This year’s rookie deals have come in virtually the same slots as last year’s so Schofield’s deal will be similar to the $2.6 million deal Sam Montgomery got from the Houston Texans with the 95th pick in 2013, a deal that included a $506,016 signing bonus. Barrow, at 156th, will come in close to the four-year $2.3 million deal Tanner Hawkinson got from the Bengals last year, a deal with a $182,424 signing bonus.

The Broncos began negotiating with the draft class in earnest last Wednesday.

Despite the slotting of the rookie wage scale, the Broncos and Roby’s representatives continue to look for common ground on guaranteed money as well as the potential of other incentives or performance bonuses.

Roby, as a first-round pick, will get a four-year deal with a fifth-round option that is held by the team. Last year's 31st pick of the draft, Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick, signed a four-year, $6.870 million deal that included a $3.38 million signing bonus.

Frederick also had the base salaries in the first three years of the deal guaranteed.