The Film Don't Lie: Broncos

A weekly look at what the Denver Broncos must fix:

In these pass-happy times when third-and-short is still a time for a quarterback to be in the shotgun with three wide receivers in the formation, a defense has to find a way to survive in its nickel (five defensive backs) and dime (six) packages, even if an offense decides to run the ball.

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs made it clear -- and the Seattle Seahawks' coaches are just as certain to take notice this week as they prepare for the Broncos -- they believed the Broncos would have trouble defending the run out of the nickel. On seven of the first nine snaps the Broncos were in the nickel, the Chiefs ran the ball.

The results: a 25-yard run by Knile Davis and a 2-yard touchdown run by Davis in a second-and-goal situation. In addition, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith rushed for 25 yards on a designed pass play when he took advantage of an easy escape from the pocket.

In the imitation-is-inevitable department, the Broncos are going to have to show they can defend the run when they go smaller on defense, especially with teams like the Seahawks, Jets, 49ers and Chargers on the docket over the next five weeks.