Jim Caldwell is 27th among head coaches

Jim Caldwell coached in a Super Bowl and also guided a team to the NFL's worst record, all in the span of three years during his time in Indianapolis.

Now in his second stint as a head coach, apparently some of his experience in Indianapolis has influenced his peers. Colleague Mike Sando took a poll of 30 league insiders -- including eight general managers and four former general managers -- to find how each coach is viewed within the league.

Those insiders voted Caldwell 27th among the league's coaches and second-worst among first-year head coaches in the league, only ahead of Cleveland's Mike Pettine.

In all, Caldwell received a 3.5 rating in a system where a 1 rating was the best and a 5 rating was the worst.

"He is a true head coach," a league general manager told Sando for the story. "He has a heartbeat on his team and what they need at the moment. He is also probably an underrated X-and-O coordinator considering the run he had with the Ravens. In this thing, he deserves to be a 3 for now."

In the poll, Caldwell received three votes in the Nos. 2 and 5 categories and 12 votes each in the Nos. 3 and 4 categories.

To read the entire piece, along with some more explanation, check out Sando's story here.