Jim Caldwell explains why he challenged Eddie Lacy non-fumble

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy caught the ball, fell and rolled forward on the ground. As long as no one touched him, he could gain as many yards as he wanted that way.

Eventually, Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy did make contact with Lacy, but the contact caused a fumble, which the Lions recovered. At first, the ruling on the field was that Lacy was down when he was contacted, but Detroit coach Jim Caldwell was trying to argue Levy only made contact with the ball.

"It's worth it," Caldwell said. "That's a tough situation and it was one that we thought there was a chance that he hit the ball first as opposed to his arm first and obviously it was overturned."

When he was asked whether that would still be down by contact, Caldwell said he was given a detailed explanation of what the rule was by the official.

"I know you probably listened to the broadcast but if you look at the rule, the official explained it to me in detail," Caldwell said. "If he would have hit the ball first when the ball came out, we had a chance at it but they ruled otherwise."

The drive finished with a blocked Mason Crosby field goal.

The Packers beat the Lions, 30-20.