Reggie Bush's future with the Lions appears in question

INDIANAPOLIS -- Before leaving for the offseason, running back Reggie Bush sounded like someone planning on being a part of the Detroit Lions in 2015.

Now, that doesn't appear to be as certain.

General manager Martin Mayhew was noncommittal Wednesday when asked about Bush's future with the Lions, leaving the potential for the team to let him go prior to the season.

"No, we haven't (made a determination) at this point," Mayhew said at the NFL combine Wednesday. "Anybody on our roster, there's a lot of futures up in the air. My future's up in the air, too. It's the NFL. So, yeah, I would say that but I would say that about Ndamukong (Suh). I would say that about all of our free agents, that their future is up in the air."

Bush, though, is not a free agent. He has two years left on the four-year deal he signed with the Lions before the 2013 season. He is due $3.25 million in base salary this season along with a $250,000 roster bonus if he is on the roster in the fifth day of the 2015 league year.

He has a cap number of $5,277,941 for this season and dead money of $3,555,882. When asked about Bush, he said he is in a similar situation to some of Detroit's free agent class.

"A lot of guys under contract are in the same situation," Mayhew said. "It's really about the value that you bring to the organization that's constantly re-evaluated every offseason."

Bush's production waned in 2014 as he dealt with consistent ankle injuries that limited him to 12 games, 334 rushing yards and 263 receiving yards this season along with three total touchdowns.

When Bush was out, second-year pro Theo Riddick took over his role and caught 38 passes for 355 yards. Riddick also became the team's primary two-minute drill back because of his hands and his ability to catch passes.

Running back, due to the ages of Bush and Joique Bell, could be a priority for the Lions in the draft. And Mayhew is trying to find guys with skills to balance out what he already has on the roster.

"I like guys with different traits," Mayhew said. "As you can see, the guys we have now have different strengths and I want to build our roster with guys that can do different things in the course of a game so an all-around back is good obviously.

"But when you have a guy like Theo Riddick, who can make a difference in the passing game, that brings value to your team. When Joique Bell plays between the tackles running for us, it's big and he does a good job catching balls out of the backfield as well. I like guys that are versatile but you got to have a guy that can run between the tackles and you've got to have a playmaker who can do something in space."