Pro BMX rider Tyler Fernengel bikes through abandoned Silverdome

Tyler Fernengel grew up in Michigan and the 19-year-old can remember going to the Pontiac Silverdome as a kid.

Now a budding BMX professional, Fernengel went to the Silverdome again recently -- this time to ride and perform stunts throughout the now-abandoned facility.

Through Red Bull, Fernengel put together this video of himself riding through the dilapidated, abandoned facility that once held Wrestlemania III, Detroit Lions football games and, yes, Supercross events Fernengel told Red Bull he used to attend.

“It may have been the first race I ever did,” Fernengel told Red Bull’s website. “My dad entered me in the amateur Supercross races held at the Silverdome. Amateurs would compete the day before the pro Supercross.

“I raced there every year until I was 10 years old.”

He said he had not been back since the last Supercross race he participated in when he was 10. Now close to 20, he can be seen on the video jumping on and over almost everything imaginable in the concourse, most notably jumping out of what appeared to be a suite, hitting a ramp and then coasting onto the former playing surface.

This is the second time in a week the Silverdome has again made news. Last week, a man put a urinal from the home locker room of the Silverdome autographed by Barry Sanders up on eBay. With two days left in that auction, the signed urinal is up to $2,600.

Here’s the full interview with Fernengel.