Mailbag: Is this Teryl Austin's last year in Detroit?

The Detroit Lions are in the final stretch of their offseason program. The team has a three-day minicamp this week and then the players, coaches and media scatter for six or so weeks before training camp begins in August.

(Side note, I'll be scattering to Australia for a little bit ... if you have suggestions of where to go, please let me know.)

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Now, on to your questions -- and I hope you enjoy the second one.

@mikerothstein: This is a bit of guesswork right now, mostly because we're around eight months away from the next coaching carousel and there is so much that can happen between now and then. Suffice it to say, though, that if Teryl Austin can put together another top-five defense without Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley manning the middle of the defensive front, he should be a heavy favorite to land whatever jobs come open. He was sought-after last year and should be again this season even if the Detroit defense dips into the top-10 range, especially if the Lions are still winning. As far as Jim Caldwell passing the job on to him -- not going to happen unless Caldwell just decides to retire. And there have been absolutely zero indications that is the case. So I wouldn't even consider that a possibility. It is a very real possibility, though, that Teryl Austin is in his final season as the Lions defensive coordinator.

@mikerothstein: I sure can. First off, if you missed it this week, the autographed Barry Sanders Silverdome urinal went for $3,000 in an eBay auction, once again proving people will buy just about anything if a famous person signs it. Some fun urinal facts. If you type "urinal" into the U.S. patent database, 1,794 results show up. It's unclear how many of those actually refer to urinal improvement. On Home Depot's website, you can purchase a urinal starting at $117 all the way up to to $1,063 for the KOHLER Bardon touchless urinal. It appears that only comes in white. And to show there really can be a website for anything you can imagine -- urinal.net exists and ranks the top 10 and top 1,000 urinals the website has found. Seriously.

@mikerothstein: Mohammed Seisay has been pretty quiet so far in this group of defensive backs. Granted, there hasn't been a lot of 11-on-11 work that we've seen and there will be many more opportunities during minicamp and training camp, but so far, he has not stood out. From my charting, he's consistently been in the back-end groups in the practices we've seen. Considering the Lions drafted two cornerbacks (more on that below) and have at least two more locked in, it could be a tough road to a 53-man roster spot for Seisay to start the season. If he makes the squad -- or the practice squad -- it will be based off special teams.

@mikerothstein: Chris is asking about rookies Alex Carter and Quandre Diggs. Carter was the team's third-round pick and Diggs was picked up in the sixth round. The simple answer is yes, both of them make the roster. There's a chance one of them ends up being the team's slot cornerback as well. For future reference as well, it is unlikely a team will bail on a draft pick during the first training camp -- except for maybe seventh-rounders. You could see sixth- or-seventh-rounders end up on the practice squad, but if a player is picked in one of the top five or six rounds, he's likely to be on the roster as a rookie and more than likely his second season as well. It's an investment thing along with a talent thing.

As far as who doesn't make the roster at corner, I'll have more on this after minicamp this week, but I'd say there are four likely locks at the position: Rashean Mathis, Darius Slay, Carter and Diggs. Depending how many corners the team takes, you're looking at two or three others on the roster between Josh Wilson, Bill Bentley, Nevin Lawson, Seisay, Crezdon Butler and Chris Owens. Of that group, I'd say Wilson and Lawson end up on the roster, although Bentley and Seisay could have shots as well. I saw Chris Owens getting some first-team run during OTAs, but that seemed like a byproduct of reps and other players sitting out than anything else. Minicamp should tell us more.