Darius Slay wants to be Wolverine, and other Lions' preferred movie roles

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- One of the things football players often end up doing in their downtime, besides being with family and playing video games, is watching movies.

With that in mind, we asked a smattering of Detroit Lions players what movie role they would most like to play for this week’s Lions Question of the Week.

Here are their answers (and their previous answers about boy bands).

CB Darius Slay: I gotta be in "X-Men." I gotta be like Magneto or Wolverine. Those are the two dangerous dudes to me. They are just the truth, like, oh man. If I’m Wolverine, I’m just walking around here swaggin’ it up with my nails coming out of my hands stabbing folks. You know what I’m saying. Like he might be over there talking like crazy and I’d be like what [makes slashing noises]. Like he turned their face, with something metal. You know what I’m saying. Shoot. If you don’t have nothing on your body, I’m just going to lift you up and just throw you 30,000 feet. You know what I’m saying. That’s just hot. You know what I’m saying. It can’t get no better than that, you know what I’m saying, like, ‘Eh, get out of my face.’

WR Lance Moore: I never thought about that. "Troy" is one of my favorite movies, so Achilles, that would be pretty cool. I love that movie. I also love "He Got Game," so Jesus Shuttlesworth. I feel like my jumper is pretty silky. I would have been a natural in that movie. I don’t know, sports-related movies obviously because I’m an athlete and I love sports, but yeah.

WR TJ Jones: Iron Man. I want to wear the suit, even if it’s fake. That suit looks cool. I just wanna wear the suit. You ain’t gotta have no superpowers, you ain’t gotta work out. You’re smart, which is nice, but yeah, Iron Man for sure. Just for a couple hours, just be invincible.

QB Dan Orlovsky: I think it’d be cool to be one of the dudes in "Inception." Planting thoughts in people’s minds. (Orlovsky then dropped the mic, figuratively, and walked away laughing.)

DE Darryl Tapp: A superhero. I’d be game for any of ‘em. It’d seem so cool to be one. I don’t know what my power would be or anything but it seemed like a good idea. It’d be Marvel, though, they’ve had a better roster of movies.

DT Andre Fluellen: I would definitely be like an old-school kung fu guy. I’d be a grandmaster. I really did like the last, this is more recent, the "Ip Man" one with Donnie Yen. I really did like that movie.

OT Cornelius Lucas: Oh man, it would probably have to be Will Smith in my favorite movie, "Bad Boys." Or Denzel Washington in "Training Day." Partially because it’s my favorite movie and Denzel is such a powerful character and he has a lot of good lines in that movie that I would love to say on camera.

OC Travis Swanson: You just threw me a curveball. Oh wow. Man oh man oh man. Tom Hanks’ character from "Saving Private Ryan." Favorite movie. Great story, great, great, great story. That’s it.

Reporter: But you die at the end?

Swanson: Sacrifice. For a good cause. That’s the first thing that came to my mind. That’s what I’m going with.

OT LaAdrian Waddle: I’d be like Bane in Dark Knight. It appeals to me the most, just the idea of being a badass and striking fear into people’s hearts like that.

K Matt Prater: There’s a couple. Bane from the newest Batman and Wolverine in any of them. Magneto’s pretty sick, too. Young Magneto, not old Magneto. Just pretty awesome. Those would be the main three.

OL Laken Tomlinson: I’d play a hero. Specifically? I’d be Bruce Lee. That guy, he’s the ultimate champion in my eyes.

CB Rashean Mathis: A movie role? If it was a serious movie, I would be more of a Denzel-type. If it was a comedy, I would be a Vince Vaughn-type, like dry humor. So like a serious comedy. I don’t know if it defines the role, but a serious comedy. I don’t curse so I can’t play any of Samuel L. Jackson’s roles. That’s all he does is curse in his movies. Like I’d be in a serious comedy, like Vince Vaughn.