Darryl Tapp included fast-food drive-thru in his marriage proposal

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Of all the changes players go through as they navigate their NFL careers, one that often happens is players get engaged -- then they get married.

With that in mind, we went out to find out proposal stories from Detroit Lions in this week's Question of the Week.

LB Josh Bynes (proposing to Briana): We were sitting outside our apartment in Baltimore and it was really good, it was in spring, it was in April. Ironically, we got married in April, we were just sitting there and I had a ring and I was playing with the ring on her finger and I kept taking it off. She thought I was playing. We walked, our son was like 2 at the time. It was really nice. I fake proposed to her, just kind of like practicing, you know, and somebody yelled out, 'Oh my God, you gotta propose to her.' She's like, 'No he's not, he's just playing.' I was like, 'You ruined the moment, man.' It was right next to this beautiful tree and you just ruined it by yelling out like that. So I got up and was like, I guess that's how I'm going to practice saying it in my mind. Then we were sitting down later, like picnic style. Our son was playing on the grass and we were just talking and I just was like, 'I want to be with you for the rest of my life.' And I put the ring on again and then took it off. She's like, 'What are you doing?' Then I put it on and she's like, 'You didn't put nothing on.' Then she looked and realized it was a ring and she started crying.


DE Darryl Tapp (proposing to Tiffany): I had a whole day set up for her. She was in Seattle, that was our offseason. I flew her to Virginia first class, first time she had been in first class. She was downstairs talking to my mom and dad and I came down later and said, 'Whatever you've got, pack it up. We're leaving in 30 minutes.' She packed her stuff up and I took her to Virginia Beach where we had a hotel and the top floor. We had dinner, went to sleep. The next morning, we both work out a lot, so we went downstairs to the gym, worked out. Went upstairs and like, 'All right, let's get ready to go.' We went down, she was walking to the car and I started walking the other way. She's like, 'Where are you going?' I'm like, I rented us a driver. So we went there, took the driver through drive-thru Wendy's -- never forget your roots -- and then went for a pedicure. Both got a pedicure and couple's massage. Went to put our clothes back on to leave and I had a full suit on. She's like what's going on? I'm like, we've got to go to dinner, we've got to look right. So I had picked out a dress, shoes, the whole nine. She changed and luckily everything fit. Then we went to dinner, three-course meal by the water in Virginia Beach. Went to a comedy club, watched TV, went to sleep. The funny thing was she was expecting something to happen that night when everything was set up. I just treated her. The next morning, she got over it and we were getting ready to go to church and check out of the hotel. Then I told her to stay right there and I was going to check out. Got the bell hop to take a picture, got on a knee and proposed to her. Had to ask her twice. I got her pretty good. She said it was like, 'Womp womp womp womp.' I was like, 'Is that a yes?' That's how it happened, man.


RT LaAdrian Waddle (proposing to Shelby, getting married next year): We actually went on a little trip to Bermuda. Decided that was a good time. It was on her birthday, so I figured that would be a pretty good birthday present. Just had a nice little dinner and came back to the room and had rose petals set up and I just asked her. [Hotel staff] did it, they set it up while we were at dinner. When we came back, it was all good to go. This was definitely premeditated. Put some thought into it.