Thanksgiving foods Lions hate led by Calvin Johnson and turnip greens

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Kitchens all across the country will be cooking turkey, ham, stuffing and an assortment of Thanksgiving food goodness during the next few days.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions will be playing on Thanksgiving. While a lot of people might wonder what their favorite Thanksgiving foods are, we went a different direction.

What Thanksgiving foods do Detroit Lions players absolutely despise? The answers, below in this week's Question of the Week, might surprise you.

WR Calvin Johnson: That's tough. Really don't have any. Man, the worst Thanksgiving food, I love collard greens but I hate turnip greens. That's the only thing I can think of. Collard greens [are a staple] but sometimes turnips are, too. That's the only thing I could think of. That's really the only thing I don't like. [Follow up question: You ever eat those on accident?] Nah, you can smell those.

WR Golden Tate: Dry dressing is the worst. It's not good. I love dressing on Thanksgiving, but if it's dry, nope. No good. I've had multiple, a lot of dry dressing. You don't really know it until you taste it. Dry dressing and dry turkey can ruin a Thanksgiving in my opinion. And bad desserts.

QB Matthew Stafford: I kind of like everything. I kind of like all foods. Dan [Orlovsky], you'd have to say anything that is green, red, anything that's not white, that's what Dan would be. I have no answer for you. I like all foods. I'm sorry.

CB Darius Slay: Turkey. So nasty. I hate turkey. I don't know why Thanksgiving has like turkey as a logo. That's like a logo for turkey. It has to be ham, because ham is way better than turkey. Turkey is terrible. I hate turkey. So nasty. Hate turkey.

Reporter: Were you forced to eat it as a kid?

Slay: Nuh-uh, because my mom don't eat turkey. So she didn't make turkey and then I was like, ‘Man, I want to try turkey, mom.' Then I see why she don't like it. It's real nasty. Some people try to make it juicy. It don't change nothin'. It still gets dry. It's nasty. I love ham, though. Ham and I need me a pie. My mom, I'm trying to find a way to send this pie to my house. I don't know how that's going to operate but that sweet potato pie is going to be on point. I need like two of them. Man, it's so good. My grandma, she had me one saved anyway but I need one for Thanksgiving because I'm not going to be home.

RB Ameer Abdullah: Cranberry sauce. Man, when I was little, it always had the worst aftertaste. Like initially, it was like, ‘OK, this is OK.' Then your mouth is like this is kind of disgusting. Cranberry sauce, if you got that at your house, I'm not coming. Not eating it. Can't do it.

DE Darryl Tapp: Is there one? I'm going to go regular turkey now. Ever since I got turned on to deep fried turkey, I don't look at regular turkey the same. It's gotta be deep fried and Cajun now. I can't look at regular turkey the same anymore, unless it's some deli meat, I can't do it. I've been tainted. Got a taste of the good life.

RG Larry Warford: What's that purplish-red stuff? Looks like Jell-O? It's circular [Eds note: Beets]. That stuff's disgusting. I don't eat that stuff. I'll see it. That's a Thanksgiving food, right.

CB Nevin Lawson: I don't like turkey like that. I don't like turkey. It's just not my type of bird to eat. I like chicken and steaks and ham. That's pretty much it. Even my family members, we're Jamaican so we won't make turkey on Thanksgiving. We'll make a whole chicken. I had it before, but my family never cooked it. I had turkey before.

CB Quandre Diggs: I don't eat Thanksgiving food. I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving food. I celebrate the holiday, I just don't eat the food. I just don't like it.

Reporter: You ever try it?

Diggs: I tried it. I just never liked it. Never been a big fan of Thanksgiving food. I love the holiday, everything about the holiday but the food I'd rather just pass. The last five years, anyway, I've played on Thanksgiving and it's never been a big deal.

Reporter: So what would you do when you got turkey postgame?

Diggs: I go eat somewhere else. I could never eat Thanksgiving food. When I was in high school, my family used to cook different meals for me. In college, I won't eat Thanksgiving food. I just would get something else, whatever I got the taste for. [In high school] I used to eat a lot of Cajun food on Thanksgiving, gumbo, jambalaya, stuff like that. That was what I always ate on Thanksgiving.

WR TJ Jones: Not a big fan of cream of corn. Just don't like the texture. And it doesn't look appetizing. It looks like corn in water to me and I'm a big, I eat off looks. If it looks OK, cool. If it looks weird but smells good, I'll try it. Cream of corn, nothing appeals to me.

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