What 'leg day' means to an NFL player during conditioning workouts

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- The Detroit Lions have a new weight room, a new nutritionist and a new strength-and-conditioning coach.

And by the second day of offseason workouts, it became clear Harold Nash’s new program was making an impact.

Multiple Detroit Lions players took to social media after Tuesday’s workout to express how they felt about the conditioning, which focused on the legs.

Lions players have lauded the new weight room, which was installed earlier this offseason as part of the changes made after Rod Wood took over as team president and Bob Quinn was hired as the new general manager.

Nash’s hiring from the Patriots was another one of Quinn’s changes, as the franchise revamped much of the strength and conditioning staff. Lions safety Glover Quin said the workouts with Nash are “a little more intense,” and new Lions offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz deemed the weight room “excellent.”

The Lions are obviously hoping the work they put in now will pay off during the season, particularly later in games and later in the season.

And on Tuesday, when the Lions went through their first leg day during voluntary workouts, it was clear it was intense. So what does a leg day mean for NFL players?

“It was a leg day today,” Quin said. “That’s the difference in upper body and lower body. You do an upper body workout, you walk out the gym [and] you feel good but you feel buff ...

“But then when you do leg days, you work your legs real hard, you’re walking out and your legs kinda wobbly and you can’t put on [clothes]. People can’t really see the buffness that you had so … it’s different [legs than upper body].”