Meet tree-tackling, Thriller-dancing Lions DL Anthony Zettel

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- It started off as an assignment in a freshman English class on hip-hop. Write a three-page paper and do a dance video.

So, as Anthony Zettel said, he did "what any other person would do." He made a video of the iconic Michael Jackson hit, "Thriller."

It took only a few takes in the hallway of a Penn State dormitory, but it became somewhat of a hit on YouTube, watched over 10,000 times before Zettel was drafted Saturday by the Detroit Lions.

"Actually, we got an A in the paper," Zettel said. "The paper was probably a little bit better than the dancing video. Originally I had two other buddies in the video and finally it was like 2 in the morning and we were like screw this, I'm going to do it myself."

The result was YouTube gold -- one of many interesting videos Zettel has made during his life.

See -- Anthony Zettel has also tackled a tree. Seriously.

How @anthonyzettel trains in the off season

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Zettel more than tackled the tree. He crushed it. And on Saturday, he downplayed it a little bit.

"I was getting firewood with a buddy and it was a dead tree," Zettel said. "Decided to bring it down by tackling it."