Detroit Lions have not picked up Ezekiel Ansah's option yet (but should)

Ezekiel Ansah still hasn't had his option picked up yet, but it seems like it's a matter of if and not when. AP Photo/Rick Osentoski

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn spoke for about 15 minutes on Saturday night after he finished his first NFL draft as a GM, using all 10 of his selections to try and improve the roster he inherited from Martin Mayhew and Sheldon White.

He hit on a bunch of different topics but here’s a quick-and-dirty news-related wrap-up from what Quinn said.

1. No decision on Ezekiel Ansah's option ... yet: Quinn said they haven’t picked up the option on the star defensive end yet, but that he expects to have an update there in a couple of days. It is fully expected that the Lions will pick up the option on Ansah, a Pro Bowler last season and the team’s best player now that Calvin Johnson has retired. It’ll also likely start the preliminary conversation about a long-term deal for the former first-round pick.

2. Don Muhlbach will have competition: Quinn said he saw Jimmy Landes as a pick with value when he took the Baylor long-snapper in the sixth round on Saturday. It seems like this would signal a potential end to Muhlbach's reign, a tenure that started in 2004. Quinn wouldn’t go that far, saying that the selection of Landes meant “Don’s going to have someone to compete with this year.” That’s a difference from the past, where his competition has been nominal at best. A sixth-round pick means there’s some investment there for the Lions, though, so all of a sudden it’ll be something to watch.

3. No promises were made: Vernon Butler told the Detroit Free Press on Thursday that the Lions had promised to take him at No. 16 and then reiterated it again after he was selected Thursday night. Quinn refuted that Saturday night, saying “no one from my staff or our coaching staff has ever promised a player that we’re going to take him at any position.” Of course, there are things that can be lost in translation, so who knows what was said and actually meant.

4. Quinn doesn’t have a quarterback preference: The Lions have three quarterbacks on the roster -- Matthew Stafford, Dan Orlovsky and Jake Rudock. Stafford is a lock to make the roster and be the team’s starter. Other than that? It’s unclear. Quinn said keeping two or three quarterbacks will be an August or September discussion for him and Jim Caldwell but that he doesn’t have a preference one way or the other.

5. No updates on the scouting staff: Didn’t expect there to be yet, but if there is any changeover in the college evaluation staff -- from the front office to scouts -- it is likely to take place over the next few weeks. Quinn said he had no updates in that area. Considering how Quinn remade the pro personnel side of the Lions front office and scouting department, there could be more changes coming along the way.