Graham Glasgow's grandma moved home after living with him last season at Michigan

Graham and Grandma (3:57)

Michigan center Graham Glasgow puts his off-the-field troubles behind him with the help of his new roommate: his 81-year-old grandmother. (3:57)

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – New Detroit Lions center Graham Glasgow spent last season living with his grandmother, Carmella, while he was finishing his final year of college football in Michigan.

Glasgow said Thursday that after last football season, his grandmother moved back home.

“Basically when I finished, she was out in Ann Arbor a couple times. I was up training,” Glasgow said. “She hasn’t really been living with me. My grandpa’s sort of been sick as of late so she’s been back home taking care of my grandpa.”

Glasgow had his grandmother move in with him after Glasgow pleaded guilty to a drunken driving charge in March, 2014 and then violated his probation a year later, extending his probation another six months. It changed Glasgow’s outlook, according to an ESPN report last year, which led to him moving in with his grandmother after Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh chose to keep him on the his team.

Glasgow said he still has somewhere to live in Ann Arbor if he wants to, but he’s staying at the hotel with the rest of the Lions rookies.