NFL prep made Lions' Antwione Williams skip watching 'The Walking Dead'

Linebacker Antwione Williams on his work ethic: "You can’t put a minimum effort in it and expect maximum results." AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Antwione Williams doesn’t watch a ton of television. It’s typically on in the background during the day, white noise as the Detroit Lions rookie linebacker goes through his typical daily activities.

But when he finds a show he likes, Williams becomes invested and like many other NFL players, he has been a bit obsessed with "The Walking Dead". There’s a difference, though. Williams has had to give up watching the show for the time being as he prepares for his first NFL season.

"I don’t get to watch anything," Williams said. "I still haven’t finished "Walking Dead," Season 6. It’s a rough little time for me to watch TV."

Like many other locker rooms, The Walking Dead is a big conversation point at the Lions’ team facility with cornerback Darius Slay among the show’s most faithful viewers.

"The Walking Dead's" latest season started on Oct. 11, 2015 and ended on April 3. Though Williams wouldn’t say how much of this season he has missed, he could have as many as 16 episodes to catch up on whenever he gets the time.

And when might that be?

"Maybe in that little break that we got," Williams said. "Just take some time off and get back working for training camp."

Part of why Williams has gone without finishing the latest season of the show, even though it has been over for over a month, is because he’s trying to make the Lions after being a fifth-round pick out of Georgia Southern.

The way he has approached the draft and now his first NFL season is how he approached his college seasons at Georgia Southern -- like he was preparing as a pro. And now that he is a pro, he has to catch up to the veterans who are ahead of him both on the depth chart and in the playbook.

"I felt like it was important if you were hurt, getting an ice bath or go see the trainer. If you didn’t know something, go talk to the coaches, watch some film on your own, studying on your own," Williams said. "You can’t put a minimum effort in it and expect maximum results. You got to put all you got into it and try to make sure you’re the best in whatever you can do, even if that means staying after and getting some extra coaching.

"If that means studying on your own and not watching TV, it is what it is. Especially now, I gotta catch up with everybody. Everybody’s been in this playbook since April 18. It’s about learning the new stuff and picking up the old stuff and ironing everything out."