DeAndre Levy again questions NFL about CTE, head trauma issues

Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy has had an active offseason fighting for causes he believes in.

He wrote a first-person essay for The Players Tribune urging athletes -- and men in general -- to stand up and fight against sexual assault. And he also spent time questioning the NFL about the league's role in CTE, concussion testing and funding for research for head trauma.

And after the latest story by ESPN's Steve Fainaru and Mark Fainaru-Wada that said a Congressional report showed the NFL tried to influence who conducted a major study on football and brain research, Levy once again took to Instagram to question what was going on.

Levy once again questioned why the NFL continues to employ Dr. Elliot Pellman, who once ran the league's concussion research, even though he has denied a link between football and CTE. The NFL responded to ESPN.com in March when Levy posted his initial questions, saying Pellman's role is now mostly administrative.

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, who was named in the latest report by ESPN, refuted allegations of trying to influence the NIH about the study on Tuesday to USA Today Sports.

Levy explained why he was going after the NFL in an email to ESPN.com in March, saying he isn't out to demonize football, but he wants future players to know "the rewards and the risks" involved when deciding to play football. He also is fighting for more transparency from the league about the issue, saying the league could be leaders on the issue but doesn't believe the NFL is being proactive enough.