Calvin Johnson: 'Show everybody some love as we see there's enough hate'

Calvin Johnson never had much of a social-media presence during his NFL career. He would offer opinions occasionally on what was going on in the world, but was hardly ever extremely outspoken about issues.

On Sunday, even though he is on his honeymoon on the other side of the world after getting married last weekend, the former Detroit Lions wide receiver decided he had to speak up after the mass murder of at least 50 people at a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

It is the largest mass shooting in modern United States history.

Johnson said he hopes what happened Sunday "infuriates" the lawmakers in the United States and called for everyone to love each other because the world has too much hate.

This comes a little under a year after Johnson made the decision to rejoin Twitter following the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. He made a plea for love, not hate then -- something he echoed once again Sunday from the other side of the world.