Lions CB Darius Slay literally runs out of gas the day after signing extension

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Darius Slay signed a lucrative contract extension to remain with the Detroit Lions on Friday. On Saturday, he ran out of gas.

Literally. On the highway. The Detroit cornerback looked down, hit the pedal and -- nothing.

“Man, I was rushing. I wasn’t thinking,” Slay said. “I had the music up a little bit so I didn’t hear the gas thing go off, ‘Doop, doop.’ I’m doing about 60 and I’m pushing the gas again and ‘Ohhh.’

“The gas isn’t going no faster and I’m running out of gas. The road assistance had to give me some gas and I made it here. I almost was late.”

Slay initially tried to reach out to his girlfriend, Jenn Williams, but he couldn’t get in touch with her. It ended up not being too big of a deal, though. Slay said he didn’t miss any meetings and practiced with the Lions on Saturday.

“For the meeting at 2 o’clock, I got here at like 1:55,” Slay said. “Ran in here.”

It has been a hectic 48 hours for Slay, who signed a $50.2 million contract extension on Friday that brought him to tears. He started training camp for the Lions and accepted accolades from teammates, friends and players around the league for his new deal. Included in that was his idol, Browns cornerback Joe Haden, with Slay saying Saturday, “I saw him tweet me and I had to retweet that so fast.”

Then, Saturday, he ran out of gas.