Lions rookie DT A'Shawn Robinson found fancy rims for his new Jeep Wrangler

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- He rolled into camp Thursday morning, past the coded gate at the Detroit Lions' practice facility and almost immediately, something about rookie A'Shawn Robinson's car stood out.

It wasn't the car itself -- he's driving a 2016 Jeep Wrangler he bought recently. Instead, it was the wheels, and more over the rims he had on them. Robinson picked out the rims at a Michigan store as he was looking to accent the Jeep he bought and chose the black-and-silver rims for his previous ride, a truck.

"Really just went about how I liked the style and everything on my car," Robinson said.

Robinson had wanted a Jeep for a while now because "I love them." It's a vast change from his first car, a 2009 or 2010 BMW convertible Robinson said his sister bought him when he was in college. Then came the truck.

And now, the Jeep.

"Had to get me a Wrangler," Robinson said. "It's a 2016. I do like the old ones, but I gotta be here so I ain't gotta try to take that chance getting an old one and then returning it in time. I'd rather just get something new and let it have everything that it has."

Robinson bought the car in Michigan, but kept the plates from his home state of Texas for it. And while Robinson is into cars, he isn't obsessive about them. The Jeep, at least for now, is his only ride.

"I like cars," Robinson said. "I just really don't like them that much. I just want a nice car for me."