Lions' Eric Ebron: 'I would never purchase' Lonzo Ball's $495 sneakers

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron has almost 500 pairs of sneakers. He's been a collector for years and is so into custom footwear he had cleats customized for every game he played last season, and even bought custom Jordans as a wedding present for Matthew Stafford a few years ago.

There's one pair, though, that will not end up in his collection: The Big Baller Brand ZO2. At the asking price of $495 a pair, the noted sneakerhead is just not interested.

"I would never purchase those shoes," Ebron said. "You can take it with a grain of salt, you can take it however you want to, I will never purchase those shoes and I’ve got every shoe known to man, but not those.

"Those won’t be in my collection."

Ebron is a big college basketball fan, particularly of North Carolina, where he went to school, so he's familiar with Lonzo Ball's game from the guard's one year at UCLA. Ebron thinks Ball has a potentially bright future. But it’s just that -- a future. For him to charge that much money for a shoe when established NBA stars have shoes that cost half that is absurd to Ebron.

When he first heard of it, Ebron said "the boy’s out of his mind." And Ebron’s reasoning is sound for not wanting the shoes.

"First of all, I’m not paying $495 for someone that's unproven," Ebron said. "I wish him the best. I believe that he'll be great. I loved his game at UCLA, but I’m not going to pay $495 for your shoes when Michael Jordan is $200, $250.

"That don’t make sense."