The Rock praises Golden Tate's 'People's Elbow' celebration

NEW ORLEANS -- Golden Tate has shown off his personality with some creative touchdown celebrations this season.

His celebration on Sunday, though, might have gotten a bit more attention. After a 45-yard touchdown reception where Tate spun to break two tackles and then flipped into the end zone on his own volition, he stood up and put the ball down.

Then, in fashion that would make WWE wrestlers proud, he dropped the People’s Elbow on the football with Marvin Jones providing the mat slaps to count out the pin.

Within an hour, the celebration caught the eye of the originator -- The Rock.

Tate has always played well against the Saints with five touchdowns in his last three-and-a-half games. In the first half on Sunday, Tate had three catches for 70 yards against New Orleans -- and his elbow-dropping touchdown.

Tate and the Lions have also used double-dutch and table tennis as celebrations before. Tate said in the past he’s reached out to former Lions and Saints receiver Lance Moore -- a celebration aficionado -- for ideas and has solicited them from just about everywhere.