Former Lions DE rips Jim Schwartz

It started with some responses on Twitter and turned into a half-hour long podcast with Jeff Moss of DetroitSportsRag.com, but former Detroit Lions defensive lineman Lawrence Jackson had a lot to say about Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions on Wednesday.

Jackson was responding to comments made by Green Bay offensive lineman Josh Sitton on Tuesday night calling the Detroit Lions defense "dirtbags" and "scumbags" and calling Schwartz "a d---."

Jackson, who was with the Lions for three seasons from 2010 to 2012, recording 80 tackles and 13 sacks, then responded to followers on Twitter about what he thought of Sitton's comments, Schwartz and the Lions in general. This led to a podcast with Moss and really, just another day in the land of the Lions.

Here are some of his other comments from Twitter:

Some of the highlights from the podcast, which one can listen to in its entirety here:

  • Jackson said he felt the sacrifices he made for the team were "overlooked," especially when the Lions signed Jason Jones in the offseason. He was concerned about loyalty Schwartz had to other players.

  • Jackson also questioned some of the team's moves between the 2011 and 2012 seasons: "Going into the year after the playoff run, the thing was from good to great and he brought up a clip from 'Mad Men' that talked about that. But as players there was a lot of questions about why didn’t we bring in any free agents? Why didn’t we necessarily draft guys that would help us right away and get us over the hump? Different things like that. As players you see how the team is right now and where you need help and we really made no improvements from the playoff year to the next year. You have to realize that year we started off 5-0 but I don’t believe we beat a winning team."

  • He also said he never heard the coaches challenge quarterback Matthew Stafford in meetings in the three years he was there. "I’ve never heard them challenge Stafford in a team meeting at all. Other people were challenged, things like that, but I never heard him being challenged. There was a lot of mistakes that he made. He’s a good quarterback and he can throw the ball really well and obviously having Calvin [Johnson] makes his job a lot easier. But you have to hold people accountable. I don’t know what was going on."

As mentioned above, the entire interview is pretty interesting and revealing. It is worth a listen.