Morning Roar: Final rookie camp thoughts

The Lions, lying in wait for the new year ...

Unfortunately, unlike some other teams in the NFL, the Detroit Lions didn't give a ton of access to this past weekend's rookie minicamp. So impressions on actual players is a little bit limited.

However, from talking with people, here are some impressions on how the first three days went for a lot of these guys.

The player who might have helped himself the most is second-year receiver Corey Fuller. Lions coach Jim Caldwell praised him heavily when asked about him, saying he thought he was outstanding this past weekend. This might be an empty platitude, however it seems obvious Fuller at least made an impression on the coaching staff about his willingness to pick things up. It'll be interesting to see where he fits in during OTAs this week.

Cornelius Lucas is a massive human. If he is able to play at all -- he's still recovering from a stress fracture suffered in the lead-up to the draft -- he has a decent shot at making this roster like LaAdrian Waddle last season. The adage in basketball is you can't teach height and in some ways that remains in football: You can't teach his height and speed, but you can teach his height and speed to do things. Considering what Jeremiah Washburn did with LaAdrian Waddle last season, Lucas has a chance.

Terminology is an issue for rookies. For a lot of the players in this week's minicamp, the play calls are a bit more complex than what they are used to in college. This is expected, but it'll be interesting to see what the veterans think about it this week.

Here's something tight end Eric Ebron told me Sunday night about how the rookie minicamp went: "Now it's like, it's the next step. You're about to step into the fast pace, the pace of the NFL. We pretty much picked it up, but we haven't got it quite together as a group, draftees and free agents. Now we're about to take the next step to the NFL."

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