Lions Mailbag: Personnel questions

Mike from Brownstown, Michigan asks: Do you think that making a move for Asante Samuel would be a good idea? I think he would be an instant upgrade compared to who we currently have now.

Rothstein: Mike, probably not. Samuel is essentially what Rashean Mathis is to the Lions right now -- a veteran fail safe if one of the younger guys doesn't work out. Plus, Samuel might cost too much money for Detroit right now considering the team has to restructure deals just to pay Eric Ebron and Kyle Van Noy. It wouldn't surprise me if the Lions make a move for a cornerback at some point, especially if Chris Houston can't get back, but I don't think they make the move on Samuel now. Let's revisit this if he's still a free agent during camp and Detroit is struggling at the position.

Michael from Parts Unknown asks: Mike, I know Mayhew has stated we're staying 4-3, but if youre looking at what hes doing: Reid is a perfect 3 technique, Webster could be a quality rush LBs, Van Noy's versatility could land him basically anywhere in a 3-4, not picking up Fairley's option....it sure seems there could be a move to a 3-4 in the future. Thoughts?

Rothstein: I've had this thought in the past and it wouldn't shock me if the Lions transitioned to this -- or at least to a more flexible defense -- by 2015. After this season could be the time to do it because of all of the expiring contracts at defensive tackle. They could revamp the defensive front at that point with little cost or upheaval to the current roster then. It'll be interesting to see how that progresses.