Second One Fund benefit relay announced

The organizers of last summer's California-to-Boston One Run For Boston will stage another transcontinental run to raise money for the One Fund, which benefits victims of the bombings at last year's Boston Marathon.

The relay is scheduled to start March 16 and reach Boston on April 13, eight days before this year's marathon.

Like the first version, this year's relay will start in California and pass through 14 states before ending in Boston. This time, however, the relay will end at the Esplanade along the Charles River, rather than at the Boston Marathon finish line as the first relay did.

The 3,300-mile route, starting in Santa Monica, Calif., will be slightly altered to running in more southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico to increase the chances of avoiding running in snow and ice.

Organizers are planning for the 2014 relay to last nearly a month, compared to the 23 days allotted for the first one, which started June 7 of last year and finished just after midnight on July 1.

The first relay raised $91,000 for the One Fund. Organizers say they hope to raise $1 million this time around. Information about leg locations and registration is available on the relay's website.