Talking with marathon record holders Dennis Kimetto and Paula Radcliffe

Getty Images

Kenyan Dennis Kimetto is the fastest man ever over 26.2 miles, setting a men's marathon world record of 2 hours, 2 minutes, 57 seconds at the 2014 Berlin Marathon (a course that has hosted the past six men's record runs).

England's Paula Radcliffe has held the women's marathon record far longer, beginning with her 2:17:18 run at the Chicago Marathon in the fall of 2002. Radcliffe promptly shattered that mark the following spring in London, clocking a time of 2:15:25 that has stood as the women's benchmark ever since.

Both Kimetto and Radcliffe are readying themselves for this weekend's London Marathon, an event that will feature Kimetto competing with fellow elites for a title and Radcliffe celebrating an impressive career in her swan-song race.

The two world record holders sat down ahead of the race to talk about their paths to glory, what running means to them, how they feel about the London Marathon and more.