SABR Analytics recap: Innovation everywhere

Does Joey Votto walk too often? That's one of many discussions overheard at the SABR Analytics conference. AP Photo/Al Behrman

Those who rail against the still-growing Sabermetric revolution should attend the annual Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) Analytics conference in Phoenix and see how they view things. Sure, I’ve been analytically inclined for more than a few years -- I like to say I’m open-minded, at the least -- and therefore couldn’t wait to see and listen to all the many smart, influential speakers and panels, learn more about baseball and its theories, and how those can be viewed and improved. I can’t see any reason for negativity. We’re all on the same team here, really, loving the sport and aiming to advance it.

The crew of entertaining and informative experts working with SABR, from MLB executives to college students, described the ways they view the game. And it was a blast. I’ve worked with former ESPN anchor and current MLB Network analyst Brian Kenny in the past and was pleased to see him not only lead several panels, but continue to fight for what he believes in: Analytics are hardly something to be frightened of. Resistance is relatively futile. Even the Philadelphia Phillies eventually realized it!

Regardless, I like to view myself as a baseball fan who is able to then properly communicate thoughts and opinions on it for a statistical/fantasy audience, so here are some of them from the busy SABR Analytics conference.