Sweet! Tennis players and delicious deals

Caroline Wozniacki just acquired her “dream sponsorship,” signing with a chocolate company. But she's not the only player licking her lips at the sight of these sweet endorsements. Here's a taste of some of the sport's most delicious sponsorships.

Caroline Wozniacki: Godiva

When Caroline Wozniacki mentioned she wanted a chocolate sponsorship in the Wall Street Journal, it didn't take long for an offer to come in. Two weeks ago, Wozniacki announced that she had signed a deal with Godiva Inc., one of the top premium chocolate companies. Its CEO had seen the story and approached the 24-year-old from Denmark to see whether they could come to an agreement. Presumably, she didn't take much convincing.

It's the first time the company has signed a sportsperson to endorse its product. Though famously fit, Wozniacki plans to be an enthusiastic spokesperson. "I'm going to start at one end of the product line and try every single piece of different chocolate that they make," she said.

Agnieszka Radwanska: The Cheesecake Factory

Radwanska and Wozniacki have been friends since childhood, and one of their favorite get-together spots is the Cheesecake Factory. But it was Radwanska who secured an endorsement with the company a year ago, when her agent called to arrange a special visit to one of the restaurants and found himself negotiating a million-dollar deal instead. The 26-year-old from Poland wears the restaurant logo on her visor and promotes the company on social media -- something she was doing anyway.

The company went with the soft-stroking No. 8 because she was one of its "biggest fans," making her the first sportsperson to be sponsored by the popular restaurant brand. Naturally, it includes free meals.

Roger Federer: Lindt

He's not only the top earner in tennis but one of the highest-paid in all sports, with deals ranging from cars to champagne, so it's appropriate that one of Switzerland's most famous figures is also connected with one of Switzerland's most famous products -- chocolate. One of the country's best-known brands, Lindt had never signed up anyone to endorse its products until it announced a deal with Federer in 2009, and it has made the 17-time Grand Slam champion prominent in its promotions. The company has used Federer in advertising, publicity events and has even become a sponsor of several tournaments since it began its involvement with the sport.

Maria Sharapova: Sugarpova

Leave it to the savvy Sharapova to not be content with someone else's wares. She started her own candy company, Sugarpova, in 2012 and has turned it into a product that is now known to more than just tennis followers. The 27-year-old from Russia sank her teeth -- and taste buds -- into the project, getting involved in everything from manufacturing to packaging to marketing. She used her tournament schedule to launch the candy lines in various countries, even opening a special store during Wimbledon and the US Open.

Sales have been consistently increasing, and it is said to already be earning her millions. Quite a treat, and not just for those buying it.