Stephen Curry can knock down anything -- even a cup of water

Two months ago, after a win over the Washington Wizards, the Golden State Warriors discovered the only true way to cool off Stephen Curry: Douse him in water. Just check out the video above for the proof.

But the reigning MVP has two things working in his favor: his ability to adapt to any situation and a historically great level of accuracy that has led him to shatter the single-season record for 3-point baskets. He showed both of those off on Sunday night, as Draymond Green tried to drench him again during a postgame interview after the Warriors beat the Portland Trail Blazers.

This might be more impressive than any single shot Curry has made in a game this season -- and he has made an NBA-record 378 3-point baskets during this campaign. He doesn't even look at Green before tossing the towel and knocking the cup of water out of Green's hand. Given how quickly he improved in the "not getting soaked by his teammates after the game" category, Curry might have just added to his case to get a most improved player award to go along with a second consecutive MVP trophy.