Packers unveil giant Lombardi Trophy

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay Packers have four of the real things in their possession, but now they have a giant Lombardi Trophy as one of the centerpieces at the ever-expanding Lambeau Field.

On Thursday, when the Packers opened the American Family Insurance gate, their newest wing to the stadium, they also unveiled a 50-foot chrome replica of the trophy that goes to the Super Bowl champion.

Fans can see it from the outside year round day or night (it's lit up after dark) through the windows on the east side of the stadium, but those attending Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles will be the first to see it up close.

"The Lombardi Trophy is a great source of pride for the Packers organization and our fans," Packers president Mark Murphy said. "It's named after obviously our most iconic and most revered coach, and I don't really think there's a coach in the history of the NFL that has had a bigger impact on the league and society in general than Vince Lombardi. Obviously, the trophy and this gate is a tribute to him."

The new entrance to the stadium is decorated with pictures of Lombardi along with some of his famous quotes.

"This Lombardi Trophy, it's so unique,” said Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt, who attended the ceremony. "We've got something very special here."