Brett Favre's agent confident HOF event will be open to fans

INDIANAPOLIS – It looks like Brett Favre's induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame this summer will end up being open to more people.

"They'll get it all worked out," Bus Cook, Favre's longtime agent, said Friday at the NFL scouting combine. "Everybody is trying to work together to get it all figured out. He wants to get it worked out."

Favre's induction, scheduled for July 18, was sold out before tickets were even available to the general public. The event was scheduled for the Lambeau Field Atrium, and all 1,600 tickets went to supporters of the Hall of Fame and corporate sponsors.

When Favre learned that no tickets would be available to the general public, he lobbied for the ceremony to be moved into the stadium bowl. The Packers Hall of Fame, which is independent of the team, said recently that it is exploring ways to allow more access to its event.

It will be the first official event with Favre and the Packers since their ugly divorce in 2008, when general manager Ted Thompson traded the three-time MVP quarterback to the New York Jets after Favre unretired. Favre has not been to Lambeau Field since his last game as a member of the Minnesota Vikings in 2010.

Cook said the once-strained relationship is now in a good place.

"It's where it should've been anyway," Cook said. "We just need to get this worked out about the Hall of Fame. I understand what the Packers want, and I understand what Brett wants. Somehow they've got to figure it out so they can get the fans involved because that's who's important. Brett's the kind of guy, he'd rather sit down and talk to the equipment manager than go upstairs and talk to the big cheese. When those folks want to come, he wants to try to find a way so that everyone can be there."

Favre's jersey No. 4 also will be retired on July 18, but his name and number won't go up in the Lambeau Field ring of honor until Favre returns for a game.

Cook said Favre's name and number will officially go up on the Lambeau Field façade during a game next season. He said it's tentatively scheduled for a home game in November but is subject to the release of the NFL schedule later this year.

"The best game would be the Bears," Cook said, noting that Favre had some of his best games against the NFC North rival.

Cook also said there's no concern that Favre will be booed, but he knows one way to ensure it.

"At one time I think there was some concern that people would boo, and I said 'You know what, all they have to do is make sure that the last thing they show on the Jumbotron is that game against Oakland [the day after Favre's dad died], and nobody's going to boo.'"