Greg Jennings open to Packers reunion

GREEN BAY, Wis. – On Monday, we detailed why a reunion between the Green Bay Packers and receiver Greg Jennings would seem unlikely.

However, Jennings isn't ruling it out -- not that his old team has shown any interest in the days since he was released by the Minnesota Vikings just two years into the five-year, $45 million contract he signed to leave Green Bay in 2013.

"I'm open to everything," Jennings said during an interview with Stephen A. Smith on Sirius XM/Mad Dog Sports Radio on Tuesday. "I would never tear down any one of those bridges, even the ones to Green Bay. If that was an opportunity and it was right, then it would definitely be pursued, but I don't know. We'll see what the future holds."

Some might argue those bridges already were torn down by comments Jennings made shortly after he joined the Vikings. He was critical of both the organization and of quarterback Aaron Rodgers' leadership style.

However, Jennings appeared humbled after two seasons in Minnesota, where he never totaled more than 804 receiving yards in either of his two seasons. He broke that mark in five of his seven seasons with the Packers, including three straight 1,100-plus yard seasons from 2008-10 with Rodgers as his quarterback. He never found the same success with Christian Ponder or Teddy Bridgewater in Minnesota.

"I've had my struggles with the quarterbacks, so a quarterback would be nice," Jennings said when asked about what he's looking for in a new team.

At that point, Smith told Jennings he never should have left Rodgers and the Packers, who offered slightly less money than the Vikings to try to keep Jennings.

"In the stage of my career where I was at, I was thinking this was my last deal," Jennings said. "So I've got to max out, and I've got to do something that's benefiting myself and my family. When I look at a guy like Randall [Cobb, who re-signed with the Packers], this is not his last deal. He made a tremendous decision and a great one in my book to stay and then in a few years when he's back up, because he's still young, then he has to make that decision."