Packers' rookie salary pool figures set

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay Packers still should have around $11 million in salary-cap space after they sign their eight draft picks.

The Packers' salary pool for their draft class is $5,123,244 for 2015 salary-cap purposes.

According to the NFL Players Association's latest figures, the Packers are currently $16,485,542 under their top-51 salary cap for this season. However, none of their drafts picks have signed yet. Once they do, that rookie salary pool number will be subtracted from the available salary-cap total.

Here's a breakdown of each draft pick's maximum allowable salary-cap figure for 2015, according to NFLPA records:

With rookie contracts essentially slotted under the collective bargaining agreement, it should not take long for deals to come in. Deals are expected to increase no more than 10 percent over last season.

While the rookie pool salary-cap number is $5,123,244, the Packers' total rookie cash allocation for this year's class is $28,177,842. Last year, the Packers' rookie pool cap number was $5,666,923 and they used every dollar of it, but they did not use their entire $31,168,077 total rookie cash allocation. The total value of their rookie deals last season was $29,900,575.