Packers' Mason Crosby: PAT rule change worse for linemen than kickers

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. -- Mason Crosby wouldn't go so far as to say he dislikes the new point-after touchdown rule.

"But I can't say I like it," the Green Bay Packers kicker said Wednesday, a day after the league voted to push back the line of scrimmage on extra-point kicks to the 15-yard line, making it a 32-yard or 33-yard try.

"I'm a little indifferent on it. It's just a change they decided to make. I kind of saw the writing on the wall, so I knew it was coming. I prepared in my mind for that. But for me, preparation-wise, it's nothing different."

In his career, Crosby has missed only four of his 405 extra points. Two of the misses came last season, and they were both blocked.

"Obviously some of it is the kickers' own fault for being better," Crosby said in an interview during a media appearance for the Lombardi Classic golf outing at North Hills Country Club in suburban Milwaukee. "Maybe we need a fall man. They did a smart thing making it for a year, and they'll revisit it."

The league experimented with the rule during the preseason last year, so Crosby said it should not be anything new for kickers. But he wondered whether coaches might be more inclined to go for two under the new rule.

"It's not something where you're going to have to change anything to get ready for," Crosby said. "I will say that strategically it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out."

Crosby said offensive linemen probably like the rule change much less than kickers.

"When we did in preseason, I know the linemen didn't love it," Crosby said. "Let's say you have a long drive and punch the ball in at the goal line and those guys are gassed and now they have a walk -- it's not a long walk, but they have to go back to the 15 – and that could take time. It could impact the flow of the game."