NFC North Q&A: Who is better, Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb?

Today's question: Some teams don’t have one No. 1 receiver, but the Packers have two: Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. Which one is better, and why?

Jeff Dickerson, Chicago Bears: For my money, I take Cobb over Nelson. Cobb is 24 years old. He is the definition of a home run-hitter. I can’t wait to see what Cobb does for an encore after he caught 91 passes for 1,287 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2014. Now, Nelson is terrific. He had even better numbers (98 receptions for 1,519 yards and 13 touchdowns) than Cobb last season, but Nelson is 30 years old. I hate to call Nelson a system wide receiver, but I do wonder sometimes how productive Nelson would be if he didn’t have Aaron Rodgers. That works both ways; Cobb should also thank his lucky stars that Rodgers is the Packers' quarterback. However, in my opinion Cobb’s ceiling is higher due to his age and superior athleticism. Of the two wide receivers, I feel Cobb has the better chance of thriving in another NFL city, even though he turned down the Oakland Raiders in free agency to re-sign with Green Bay.

Ben Goessling, Minnesota Vikings: To me, it’s Nelson, simply because of his rapport with Aaron Rodgers. The 66-yard touchdown pass from Rodgers to Nelson against the Vikings in October is a perfect example of what makes the duo so dangerous. Nelson beat Captain Munnerlyn with one of his double moves, and once he got running in the open field against Harrison Smith, the Vikings knew they were in trouble. Nelson is so good at setting up defensive backs and so dangerous on the deep shots Rodgers likes to throw that he gets the nod over Cobb.

Michael Rothstein, Detroit Lions: This is a tough question because both of them are so talented. If I had to, I’d pick Cobb for two reasons. The first is he can do more. Cobb can line up anywhere on the field, and he has the speed to be a game-breaker. The Packers can use him as an end-around option as well -- he has 27 carries for 9.33 yards per rush in his career. The second is his age (Cobb is 24, while Nelson is 30). He’s still emerging in the league, so though Nelson has the better numbers (back-to-back 1,300-yard seasons), Cobb has the higher potential for a breakout season in 2015. after his 1,287-yard output with 12 touchdowns in 2014.