Are these the Packers' new throwback uniforms?

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Mark Murphy said last week that the Green Bay Packers' new "throwback" uniforms would be revealed some time in the next month. Our friends at Uni Watch might have beaten the Packers president to his own announcement.

According to Uni Watch's Paul Lukas, several new jerseys showed up on the Nike website late Monday night that appeared to be an accidental leak of the Packers' throwbacks for this coming season.

If that's the case, these throwbacks look very similar to what the Packers wore in 1994, when the NFL celebrated its 75th anniversary with special uniforms. Those were a throwback to uniforms the Packers wore in the 1940s.

All Murphy would say last week was that an announcement would come "very soon." Presumably, the Packers also would reveal which game they will wear the alternate third jerseys at the same time.

The team has worn its Acme Packers throwback uniforms for one game in each of the past five seasons.

UPDATE: Packers new throwbacks now confirmed.