Richard Rodgers didn't charge James Jones a dime for No. 89

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- James Jones loves No. 89, but he wasn't going to spend a fortune to get his old number back when he re-signed with the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Thanks to Richard Rodgers, that wasn't necessary.

"I'm not going to be wasting money on paying for a number," Jones said Monday after his signing became official. "I'd have put No. 11 on or something. It's not that serious to me. I don't have [89] tattooed on my body or nothing like that. I asked him [for the number]. I did a lot of work in that number out here, and he was a good man. He let me get it."

The Packers' second-year tight end, who was assigned No. 89 when he was drafted in 2014, did not ask for anything in return from Jones. Rodgers switched to No. 82, which he wore in high school and as a freshman at the University of California until he switched to No. 11.

"I just gave it up,” Rodgers said Monday. "I don't really have an attachment to No. 89. It's not a big deal."

Jones said he will buy Rodgers dinner or a new pair of shoes -- or even pay for him to get a haircut.

"I talked to him yesterday, he said he don’t have no ties to the number, go ahead and take it, buddy," Jones said. "I appreciate him."