Packers have heard it all when it comes to NFC title game collapse

Don't expect Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to have anything new to say about last season's NFC Championship game against the Seahawks. Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Go ahead and come up a question Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers haven't already heard about their NFC Championship Game collapse against the Seattle Seahawks.

It was almost like the Packers coach was issuing that challenge during a recent interview.

Even if there was an original question posed to him or his players in advance of Sunday's game against the Seahawks at Lambeau Field, what difference would it make?

"There's nothing we can say or there's not a question that could be asked or a reaction to a question about the last game that's going to help us win in Week 2,” McCarthy said during that interview. "And I believe that wholeheartedly."

Early in most game weeks, McCarthy typically presents his players with a list of so-called "media topics" to help prepare them for questions they may get that week. McCarthy did not do that on Monday, when most of the meeting time was spent going over the Week 1 win over the Chicago Bears, and the players were off Tuesday.

Even when things ramp up on Wednesday, which usually brings out the most media because it's the day quarterback Aaron Rodgers talks, McCarthy probably doesn't have to say much to his players about Seattle.

"I think coach does a good job; he doesn't really over-emphasize or make us think about things too much," defensive back Micah Hyde said. "We're professionals. We understand. We understand that it's a big game coming up this week, the media's going to be heavy and they're going to ask us a ton of questions about last year. We've been through this a couple times."

Sometimes, it's the assistant coaches who take the lead on helping the players deal with media topics. Hyde recalled that in his rookie season of 2013, when the Packers opened the season against the San Francisco 49ers -- the same team that knocked them out of the playoffs the previous season -- cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt addressed it with him.

"Joe was like, 'The media's going to ask you questions. You weren't here for that game, so just answer how you should and how you think you should,'" Hyde said. "I think that was my one time where I heard one of the coaches say anything to me personally."

So get ready for a lot of comments like the one Randall Cobb made earlier this week when asked about the NFC title game loss.

"It's a different year; this is a different season," Cobb said. "We're prepared, and we'll be prepared when the time comes, and it’s time for our attention to go to the Seahawks."

For players, that might actually be true even if all fans can think about is that blown 19-7 fourth-quarter lead that cost the Packers a trip to the Super Bowl.

"[Fans] remember our last playoff as that big bummer that we had, and we're worried about the next game that we have," Hyde said. "That's just the life of an NFL player, I guess."