Get open: Packers receivers know what they have to do

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Davante Adams was in midsentence when fellow Green Bay Packers receiver James Jones walked by and shouted two words:

"Get open," Jones said as he made his way past Adams' locker Wednesday.

Jones, Adams and Randall Cobb all heard various forms of the same question: Why couldn't they get open in Sunday's loss at the Denver Broncos, a game in which Aaron Rodgers threw for only 77 yards?

Jones' response was either an indication the receivers know they need to get open more or a sign that they're tired of being asked why they haven't been getting open -- or perhaps both.

"Yeah, I mean get open, that's really what it was," Adams, who had one catch for 8 yards against the Broncos, said after Jones' comment. "It's not something that's really on just me or Randall or Aaron or whoever. We all work together."

Rodgers has said after several recent games that his receivers have had trouble getting open, especially on the outside, but also acknowledged Wednesday that he shares in the blame for an offense that ranks 28th in the league in yards (including 27th in passing yards per game). Since Rodgers took over as the starter in 2008, the Packers have never finished a season lower than 13th in yards.

"I missed some throws I usually hit," Rodgers said. "I missed a few that I'm used to hitting, which is disappointing. I have to do a better job of hitting the ones you should hit. I had the one to Randall, he was getting held but could have had him for a big one that could have gotten us going for a little bit. Missed that one. And I missed a couple others that I usually hit."

No one thought the loss of receiver Jordy Nelson to his preseason knee injury was going to be easy to deal with, but the way the season started -- with Jones catching four touchdowns in the first three games -- was perhaps fool's gold.

The Packers have run just 46 and 49 official offensive plays in their past two games and haven't come close to their season high of 68 plays since Week 4.

"I feel like it's my fault," said Cobb, the Packers' leading receiver. "I feel like it's on me. I've got to make more plays when I get opportunities."

If the Packers are going to snap out of their offensive funk, they'll have to do it on the road against another one of the league's top defenses. The Carolina Panthers rank in the top 10 in both total yards allowed and points allowed.

"We've got a lot of work to do," Jones said. "When you get hit in the mouth, there's a lot of people you can point fingers at. You can point it at the quarterback, you can point it at the receivers, you can point it at the O-line, but we all watched the film today. We know that we all played some bad football on Sunday. We know that we've got to get better, and everybody's got to get better individually."