Brett Favre's NFL combine experience 25 years ago: Falls and frozen ropes

INDIANAPOLIS -- Bus Cook sent Brett Favre a text when he arrived at the NFL scouting combine this week.

“I told him it was 25 years ago that his dad and I were out here with him,” Cook said.

Favre’s response?

“Don’t trip and fall,” Cook said.

Clearly, the first thing Favre thought about when reminded of his combine experience was something unusual. His dad, the late Irvin Favre, face-planted on a street in downtown Indy.

“One day, we were running back to the hotel and I was ahead of Irvin,” Cook recalled. “We get back, I turn around to see Irvin and he’s all skinned up and cut up. One of these round little speed bump things they put in the road, he tripped over it. We all had a good laugh about it at the time, so last night Brett sends me a text when I said '25 years ago', and he says back, ‘Don’t trip and don’t fall.’

“Typical Brett, right?”

Cook has been with Favre every step of the way and will be in Canton, Ohio this summer when the former Green Bay Packers quarterback will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Favre was elected earlier this month in his first year of eligibility.

So it’s understandable that Cook felt a twinge of nostalgia when he arrived at the combine this year. The combine was far different then. It was less structured. In fact, Cook said he and Irvin Favre even accompanied Brett into the interviews with the teams.

One interview stuck out. It was with the Kansas City Chiefs, who asked Favre where he got his rocket arm.

“Before Brett even got to answer, Irvin answered it for him,” Cook said. “He said, ‘He got it from me. I’ve got a hot arm, man.’ Typical Irvin.”

Favre, who ended up as a second-round pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 1991, a year before he was traded to the Packers, didn’t run at the combine because of a lingering injury, but he did throw.

“I do remember Brett coming back to the room and I asked him how he did,” Cook said. “ He said, ‘I threw it about 60 yards.’ I said, ‘Everybody out there’s throwing it 60 yards.’ He said, ‘Not on a frozen rope.’ That’s him.”