Packers WR James Jones cashes in with performance-based bonus

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- It’s safe to say the Green Bay Packers got their money’s worth out of James Jones, the veteran wide receiver who came back to his original team last season for a one-year deal with a minimum salary of $870,000 and no bonus money.

On Monday, Jones got word that he would be awarded an extra $251,736 for his efforts last season. It’s part of the NFL’s performance-based pay distribution. Based on his playing-time percentage (65.39 percent of the Packers’ plays) and his minimum salary, Jones got the largest cash award of anyone on the Packers’ roster.

The plan typically benefits players in their first NFL contracts, or minimum-salaried free-agent signings who become major contributors.

Although the bonus based on playing time and salary -- not production -- Jones turned in one of the most surprising seasons in the NFL. Re-signed after Jordy Nelson’s knee injury and after he was cut by both the Raiders and Giants last offseason, he caught 50 passes for a career-high 890 yards and eight touchdowns.

If defensive tackle B.J. Raji -- who announced Monday he was taking a hiatus from the NFL and won’t play in 2016 -- never plays again, his last paycheck will be for $26,158.

All of the Packers’ performance-based pay recipients are listed below. (For comparison’s sake, here’s a link to last year’s payouts.)