Jodie Foster's Packers fandom began with cheeseheads, face painting

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Add Jodie Foster to the lengthy list of famous Green Bay Packers fans -- at least until they stop being so good.

The two-time Academy Award winner shared her green-and-gold fandom during an appearance on “Conan” on TBS last week.

But she did admit to host Conan O’Brien later in the interview, “I’m kind of fickle. I go from team to team and if they’re doing really badly, I abandon them.”

That hasn’t been an issue with the Packers, who are one of only two teams -- the New England Patriots being the other -- to reach the playoffs each of the past seven seasons.

Foster, who won Oscars for Best Actress for “The Accused” in 1988 and “The Silence of the Lambs” in 1991, is from Los Angeles but said she became a Packers fan “because we didn’t really have a team until about five minutes ago,” referring to the recently relocated Rams.

The 53-year-old Foster told a story about how she once cut in line for a face painter at a children’s birthday party and had a Packers “G” painted on her cheek.

“I really watch every weekend. I think I like the rituals of it,” Foster told O’Brien. “I like the outfits and the face painting.”

Asked why she chose to be a Packers fan, she said she was introduced to the team by a friend who owned various cheesehead paraphernalia.

“I’ve got cheese everything,” Foster joked.

The interview ended with O’Brien’s props department finding a pair of cheeseheads for him and Foster to wear.

“This is not how I thought my interview with Jodie Foster would end,” O’Brien deadpanned. “But it did.”

Other famous Packers fans, according to the team’s “Packers Everywhere” website, are Ellen DeGeneres, “Pitch Perfect” actress Rebel Wilson, rapper Lil Wayne, One Direction band member Harry Styles, actor Brian Baumgartner from “The Office,” and comedian Larry the Cable Guy.