NFC North Q&A: Is Lamarr Houston right that Aaron Rodgers is 'a little too arrogant?'

Today's question: Lamarr Houston said Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is “a little too arrogant.” Was that just one man’s opinion or do you get the sense other players around the division feel the same way?

Jeff Dickerson, Chicago Bears reporter: I believe plenty of players consider Rodgers arrogant. A respected veteran said to me years ago, “You know Rodgers and Jay Cutler are actually pretty similar people off the field. The difference is that on the field, Rodgers is great. The other guy [Cutler], he’s just OK.” So I doubt Rodgers wins many popularity contests around the league, but who cares? He is insanely talented. He’s in the category of players you hate, until they quarterback your team. I’m sure Packers players love him, or at least pretend they do. Look, I respect Houston for speaking his mind, but he’s the same guy who tore his ACL celebrating a sack in a blowout loss to New England in 2014. Maybe he wasn’t the best person to deliver the message, but I’m sure Houston is not the only NFC North player to dislike Rodgers. That’s probably a long line.

Ben Goessling, Minnesota Vikings reporter: Some of the stuff Rodgers does on and off the field -- the belt gesture, the little smirks, the veiled shots in press conferences -- might irk some of his opponents, but when you’ve been as dominant as he’s been for the better part of a decade, it’s hard not to believe you're in full control of everything going on around you. I’ve never heard anyone with the Vikings talk about Rodgers with anything other than respect -- and that’s not just because of how successful he’s been. Veterans like Brian Robison, Chad Greenway and Captain Munnerlyn seem to genuinely enjoy their battles with Rodgers, as does Mike Zimmer. As much success as Rodgers has enjoyed against the Vikings over the years, he’s got their respect.

Michael Rothstein, Detroit Lions reporter: A thing you heard a lot of people around the Lions say last season when the franchise was losing game after game was that when you win, you can say what you want. And Rodgers wins, wins, wins And then he goes and wins some more. So I think the thought process around the league is he can say that which he pleases until you beat him. Then, he’s likely not going to say that anymore. I’ve found most players in the division respect Rodgers because of his level of success. Can’t question that.