Practical joker Brett Favre on his Hall of Fame career: 'I had the most fun'

Brett Favre was known for his practical jokes -- from stink bombs in the locker room to Bengay in his teammates’ shorts. As good as he was during his Hall of Fame career, the former Green Bay Packers quarterback seemed to enjoy retelling the stories of his pranks as much as his touchdown passes or legendary performances.

“I can’t say I was the best passer, I can’t say that I was the most mobile, I can’t say I was tough, I can’t say all that,” Favre said during a conference call on Tuesday to discuss next month’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “But what I can say, in my opinion, is that I had the most fun.”

So, what was his favorite stunt?

“When it got extremely cold and guys had to park outside in the outside parking lot ... we would go unlock their cars because it was gated,” Favre said. “We’d go out and get into someone’s car and we would move it to the far end of the parking lot and leave it running with the air conditioning on. So when we got out, we would take like a cup of water and we’d throw it on the door and it couldn’t open. When they finally were able to get in, it would be -- as you could imagine it’s 30 degrees, 0 degrees, whatever outside -- it was even cooler inside. That was a cruel prank, though, in Green Bay.”

Favre said he never put a lot of thought into his jokes, instead acting spontaneously. And no one --not a rookie or the most experienced veteran -- was spared.

“I always did it in fun because, in all honesty, I think when you watch my career you saw a guy who had a tremendous amount of fun and passion for playing,” Favre said. “That I can say.

“On and off the field, in the locker room and on the bus rides to the stadium, on the flights back. To me, I could not believe they were paying me to do what I was doing. There would be guys who’d seem so miserable, and I could not figure it out. I always tried to do my best to keep it as lighthearted as possible.”