Chicken-head incident doesn't deter Jared Cook from Thanksgiving bird

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- After his chicken-wing experience last month, you might think Jared Cook would want to avoid all species of birds for a while. But the Green Bay Packers tight end won't let a little chicken head in his wings order deter him on Thanksgiving.

There will be a bird on Cook's table today.

He's just not ordering it carry-out style. Not after he said he found a chicken head -- beak and all -- in his Buffalo Wild Wings take-home order.

"I'll probably eat some turkey," Cook said on Thanksgiving eve. "I'll be all right. It'll be prepared in my own home this time."

At the time of the chicken-head incident, Cook said he would consider turning vegetarian like his wife, Lana. But alas, Lana will do the cooking even if she doesn't eat the turkey.

"She cooks meat like she eats it; it's amazing," Cook said. "She's a great cook, but she doesn't eat it. She likes the dressing and the mac and cheese."

If Cook's return to eating birds is a surprise, it should come as no surprise that he hasn't returned to the restaurant in question. He also said he hasn't heard anything from the national chain in response to his complaint.

"No, and I think it's disrespectful," he said.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy gave his players and staff the day off for Thanksgiving. They will return to practice on Friday in advance of Monday night's game at Philadelphia.

"It's important for the players, the coaches, the support staff to be with their families," McCarthy said. "We never made any bones about that. Now, if we want to line up and check the work hours and so forth, we'll out work the best of them. That's always been the strength of our coaching staff, so our work is going to be done and it'll be done in detail.

"Frankly, this schedule is probably the best schedule we've ever had for a Thanksgiving week because Thanksgiving falls where you can take the day off and then Friday becomes a Thursday and so forth and so forth."