Aaron Rodgers' facemask put Packers over $185,000 in season fines

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The NFL either cracked down harder on the Green Bay Packers this past season, or they were guilty of more egregious infractions -- or perhaps both.

Whatever the case, Packers players were fined at least $185,348 during the 2016 season (including playoffs). That’s more than the previous two seasons combined. In 2015, they had four player fines that totaled $52,088. In 2014, it was six player fines for $88,197.

Seven of the fines, including quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ from the NFC Championship Game, were facemask penalties that carried a $9,115 dock in pay.

Outside linebacker Datone Jones was fined the most -- $45,579 for two infractions -- and had the single largest fine of $36,464 for his helmet hit on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan on Oct. 30. He was fined as a second offender because of a hit on Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins in the playoffs during the previous season.

There could have been other fines, but the league does not openly announce them; they only confirm specific requests for fine information. Also, some fines could have been reduced through appeals.

Here’s a list of Packers’ player fines that were confirmed this season.

  • Randall Cobb: $9,115 for a facemask in the season opener at Jacksonville.

  • Mike Daniels: $18,231 for roughing Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford in Week 2; $9,115 for taunting in Week 10 at Tennessee.

  • Nick Perry: $12,154 for unsportsmanlike conduct -- a throat-slash gesture against the Lions in Week 3.

  • Clay Matthews: $18,231 for a helmet hit on Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer in Week 7. Hoyer sustained a broken arm on the play.

  • Datone Jones: $36,343 for a helmet hit on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in Week 8; $9,115 for unpenalized facemask against the Bears in Week 15.

  • Ty Montgomery: $9,115 for roughing Colts punter Pat McAfee in Week 9.

  • Letroy Guion: $9,115 for unnecessary roughness against Tennessee.

  • Julius Peppers: $9,115 for a facemask on Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz in Week 12.

  • T.J. Lang: $24,309 for unpenalized blindside hit on Bears defensive lineman Cornelius Washington in Week 15.

  • Davante Adams: $12,154 for unsportsmanlike conduct (dunking the ball over the goalpost) in Week 17 at Detroit.

  • Aaron Rodgers: $9,115 for a facemask on a stiff-arm attempt against Falcons cornerback Robert Alford in the NFC title game.